1874           Henry Willis

see N09673

1911           William Hill

New action and console, P action, reeds revoiced, Swell chorus reeds wind
pressure increased to 7″ and scales increased by one note; Acoustic Bass
addded (derived from Open Diapason 16′), replaced Swell Piccolo with Lieb
Flute 4ft and added Viole d’Orchestre; Flageolet replaced by old Swell
Piccolo. Also added Great reeds on Choir, Gt pistons to Pd, Sw-Ch;

1939           Henry Willis

Restored. Action made less noisy and Dulciana softened.

1985           Willis

electrified; additional pistons supplied;

2000(c.)       Unknown

replacement blowers; Sw Lieblich Flute 4 replaced by Fr Willis Flageolet 2′
Ch Viol d’Orchestre replaced by Fr Willis Viola 4′ removing stops installed
by William Hill in 1911;


Department and Stop list

PedalKey action El  Stop action   Compass-low C  Compass-high f1  Keys 30
            1Acoustic Bass32 
            2Open Diapason16 
ChoirKey action El  Stop action   Compass-low C  Compass-high a3  Keys 58
            9Claribel Flute8 
            12Viola42000, Father Willis
            13Concert Flute4 
            15Corno di Bassetto8 
GreatKey action El  Stop action   Compass-low C  Compass-high a3  Keys 58
            16Double Open Diapason16 
            17Open Diapason I8 
            18Open Diapason II8 
            20Viol di Gamba8 
            22Harmonic Flute4 
            23Twelfth2 2/3 
            26Trumpet8was Tromba
SwellKey action El  Stop action   Compass-low C  Compass-high a3  Keys 58 Enclosed
            28Lieblich Bourdon16 
            29Open Diapason8 
            30Lieblich Gedackt8 
            32Vox Angelica8 
            34Flageolet22000, Father Willis
            36Contra Posaune16 
            40Vox Humana8