Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Notes from the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

The Meeting of the Parishioners, which preceded the APCM, elected Roi Milburn and Noreen Cross as Churchwardens for the coming church year.

The following members of the congregation (and of the Electoral Roll) were elected to the Parochial Church Council:

Randal Cross

John Davey

Nick England

Colin Freeman

Estella Joyce

Grace McEvoy

Sally Ouston

John Pestana

John Yunnie.

(Colin Bright and Frances Yunnie automatically become members of the new PCC by reason of their representing All Saints’ on the Deanery Synod)


At the brief PCC meeting following, Roi Milburn was elected Vice- Chairman; Colin Freeman, Treasurer; John Yunnie, Secretary; Nick England, Safeguarding Officer. The Head of Ryde School (or in his/her absence a deputy) was co-opted on to the PCC.